Family law.
Flat-rate pricing.




If you are representing yourself but need help with one or more aspects of your divorce or parenting action, child support case, mediation, or estate plan, we are here to help you with our hourly and flat-rate legal services. Please contact us today to learn more, speak with a family law professional, or ask a question about limited scope representation.

We can help you:

  • Answer questions about your legal situation or case.
  • Navigate your divorce in Montana.
  • Understand all of your legal options.
  • Research a legal topic.
  • Prepare and review legal documents.
  • Prepare for your divorce or parenting case.
  • Prepare your estate, trusts, and will.
  • Understand, respond to, or enforce court orders.
  • Guide you through the mediation process.

We welcome you to call (406) 540-4172 or email our office today.