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Limited Scope Representation


What is Limited Scope Representation?

Limited scope representation (LSR) is when a lawyer assists a client with clearly defined and stand-alone legal services, such as consultations, document preparation and reviews, or court appearances. These legal services are paid for either by the service (or “flat fee”), or by the hour. LSR differs from traditional, full legal representation, where a client hires an attorney for all aspects of a case.

Limited scope representation is also referred to as:

  • Unbundled legal services.
  • Limited task representation.
  • Attorney-assisted legal representation.

In March 2011, the Montana Supreme Court revised the Montana Rules of Professional Conduct and the Montana Rules of Civil Procedure in order to encourage limited scope representation across the state. The court believes that LSR helps all Montanans better meet their legal needs.

You may wish to seek limited scope representation if:

  • You wish to handle some, but not all, aspects of your legal issue.
  • You cannot afford full legal representation or are seeking a more affordable solution to your legal issue.
  • You would like legal advice or coaching by an attorney before representing yourself in court.
  • You would like an attorney to help you prepare or review specific legal documents.
  • You need specific assistance with a court order.
  • You need assistance with legal research.

The Benefits of Limited Scope Representation

Why would less legal representation be better than having a lawyer working for you throughout your case? Limited scope representation is best for those who wish to represent themselves and for those who don’t wish to pay for full, traditional representation.

With limited scope representation:

  • You are able to represent yourself even if you lack some knowledge of the legal process.
  • You are able to save money by only using an attorney for the services you most need.
  • You can retain control over your case while still receiving sound legal advice and guidance.
  • You can avoid legal errors and costly mistakes that are common with self-representation.

Limited Scope Representation at Montana Legal Advisors

Certain types of cases lend themselves well to limited scope representation. At Montana Legal Advisors, we offer LSR services in the following practice areas:

  • Divorce.
  • Division of property.
  • Child support and parenting plans.
  • Divorce mediation.
  • Estate planning & wills.
  • Elder law.

For each of these practice areas, we offer the following types of unbundled legal services:

  • General consultations and legal advice.
  • Legal coaching.
  • Case reviews and case analysis.
  • Document writing and review.
  • In-court representation.
  • Legal research.
  • Mediation assistance.

Whether you’d like us to handle the most complex parts of your case, guide you through the process yourself, or review your documents, we are here to help. To learn more about our services, to speak with an experienced Montana family law attorney, or to set up an appointment, please call us today at (406) 540-4172.