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Before Filing

Before Filing for Divorce in Montana

Many of our clients wish to navigate the divorce process on their own and without an attorney, but they need a little legal guidance and advice before they get started. At Montana Legal Advisors, we are happy to help you prepare for many aspects of your divorce, from sitting down with you to discuss the general legal process to helping you with specific questions you have about your case.

We offer the following services and consultations to those about to file for divorce in Montana:

  • Montana Divorce consultation. If you are planning to complete the divorce process without a lawyer, we can help you understand which steps to take, which documents to file, and which common mistakes to avoid.
  • Parenting Consultation: Divorce and your children. Meet with our full-time parenting consultant to learn how to tell your kids about the divorce, to understand what is in the best interests of your children, and to learn about developmentally appropriate parenting schedules for your children.
  • Orders of protection consultation. Known by many as restraining orders, temporary or permanent orders of protection could be vital to the safety of you and your children during the divorce process. Learn whether you should file and how you can file in Montana.
  • Divorce document overview. During this meeting, learn about all of the paperwork and legal documentation you will need to finalize your divorce. Also learn how and when these documents need to be filed.
  • Mediation overview: Resolving divorce without litigation. Learn about divorce mediation as well as how you can best communicate successfully with your spouse during your dissolution.

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Whether you are prepared to navigate the divorce process alone, or whether you simply want to learn more about the legal aspects of your divorce before you decide to hire an attorney, we are here to help. Take advantage of one of our legal services or use several – the choice is yours.

To speak with our staff at Montana Legal Advisors today, please call (406) 540-4172.