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When you are dealing with a legal issue, mistakes can be costly. When your legal issue concerns your children, the stakes are even higher. Properly addressing a parenting issue requires special skills, knowledge, and experience about the legal system, as well as in psychological and child development theory. At Montana Legal Advisors, we help parents successfully navigate their parenting issues with compassion, sensitivity, and a true concern for the best interests of the children in question.

If you need legal advice or an attorney but don’t wish to seek full representation, our legal professionals are here to help you with certain aspects of your case. We regularly assist clients with the following parenting legal services:

General legal consultation. These consultations are an opportunity for our clients to speak to an attorney about their parenting issues and get answers to their questions from a trusted and experienced source. This consultation is especially useful for someone with children who is about to separate from their spouse or co-parent who is contemplating some other action, such as moving to a new community.

  • Parenting consultation. Speak to our full-time parenting consultant about all of your parenting-related issues, from how to talk to your kids about your divorce, to how to write a developmentally appropriate parenting plan, to how to resolve family conflicts.
  • Parenting plan drafting. Work with both a legal professional and our parenting consultant to create or review a working parenting plan for your family.
  • Guardian ad Litem or Parenting Evaluator informational session. Get the information you need about the people who may be working with you, your children, and your family during your divorce or child custody case.
  • Relocation legal help. If you or your ex-spouse are planning to relocate out of state, you need to know your rights and your children’s rights. You may also need to go to court to update your parenting plan and visitation schedule.
  • Third-party parenting and grandparent parenting legal help. Whether you are a parent or someone interested in third-party parenting, we can help you better understand your case and take the appropriate legal actions for your situation.
  • Paternity legal help. If you need help with a paternity legal action or with establishing paternity, we can help you along the way, from providing you with legal guidance and research, to helping you with documents and court appearances.
  • Step-parenting and co-parenting informational session. Discuss being a successful step-parent or co-parent with our parenting consultant or learn your rights as a step-parent or co-parent from one of our legal professionals.

Meet With Our Full-Time Parenting Consultant

We have a full-time, fully-qualified parenting consultant on staff who helps our family law offices with legal cases involving minor children who helps Montana families deal with the emotional and psychological stresses and challenges of navigating family law issues.

Connect With Our Parenting Legal Team at Montana Legal Advisors

Whether you would like to sit down with our parenting consultant or whether you have a question for one of our family law attorneys, Montana Legal Advisors is here to help you with all of your parenting-related legal matters. Get accurate, compassionate, and individualized information and advice from our team without the cost of hiring a full-representation lawyer.

To learn more about our parenting legal services, or to tell us more about your parenting legal needs, please call our office today at (406) 540-4172.

Child Support

If you are going through a divorce or separation that involves children, you will need to consider whether one parent will make child support payments to the other parent and, if so, how much the payment should be. In Montana, child support must be calculated pursuant to a complex formula which is set by state law. The final child support amount can then be changed from the statutory formula if there is good cause to do so. While this can be a complex and sensitive topic for many families, Montana Legal Advisors is dedicated to offering parents affordable, actionable, and thoughtful legal help from running the initial calculation to discussing legal arguments for adopting a variance in the final amount of child support.

If you are faced with a legal issue related to child support, and if you do not wish to hire a full representation lawyer, we offer hourly and flat-rate legal services so that you can navigate the legal process getting help from an attorney only when you need it.

Get child support legal help:

  • Preparing or reviewing child support financial affidavits. This form, which must be filled out by both parents, outlines each person’s financial situation, including their monthly income, their assets, and their debts. In addition, this form asks for detailed information about each child and their related expenses.


  • Conducting legal research. We can help you better understand your child support case through thoughtful and efficient legal research.


  • Giving advice on imputing income to a self-employed, unemployed or underemployed parent. Navigating child support can be more difficult if you do not have a traditional job or if you are currently unemployed. We can help you determine your income.


  • Assisting in child support modifications. If you or your ex-partner’s income has changed significantly, or if expenses related to your children have changed, or if some other aspect of your financial life has changed, you may need to modify your child support order in court. We can assist you with portions of this legal process.


  • Producing child support calculations. Make sure that you are paying or receiving a fair amount of child support under Montana law, with the help of our legal professionals.

Standalone Legal Services at Montana Legal Advisors

At Montana Legal Advisors, we understand that not everyone wants or requires a full representation attorney to assist them with their child support legal needs. Our attorneys and legal professionals perform standalone tasks and offer hourly consultations to clients who simply need advice, guidance, or limited help. Bring your Montana child support questions, concerns, and documents to us today to get the specific, limited legal help that you require. To learn more about our services, or to schedule an appointment, call us at (406) 540-4172.