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Estate planning is often a topic that people avoid because it involves contemplation of death, family relationships, and property ownership. In addition, some people believe that estate planning does not apply to them because they are young, because they don’t have children, or because they have limited assets. However, the vast majority of people  benefit from some type of estate planning that addresses their goals and desires regarding the future care of their family and their property.

Another reason many people avoid estate planning is the cost of getting assistance and the complexity of the tasks.  Some people don’t wish to hire a lawyer to take on the entire task while other people wish to do it themselves, but lack all of the skills and knowledge to do so. At Montana Legal Advisors, we offer standalone estate planning services so that our clients can receive as much, or as little, assistance as they wish. For example, we can review a draft of your will or consult with you about whether you need a trust.

We have helped clients with the following estate planning documents and tasks:

  • Basic Will. A basic will includes provisions where you specifically name the individual(s) who will manage your estate after your death, who will be the guardian(s) of any minor children, and who will receive your property.
  • Will with Testamentary Trust. If you would like your estate to pass to your minor children incrementally and/or with certain conditions, a testamentary trust is one method of planning for those events.
  • General Durable Power of Attorney (Financial and Health). A general durable power of attorney allows your designated agent to handle your financial and health affairs in the event of your disability or incapacity.
  • Living Will. Executing a living will allows you to specifically designate directions to health care providers regarding treatment in the event that you are not able to communicate those directions. For example, your living will could specify whether or not you would want feeding tubes, breathing tubes, or medical treatment to keep you comfortable.
  • Special Power of Attorney. There may be particular instances when you need an agent to act on your behalf for a specified task. A special power of attorney allows you to grant specific authority to your agent.
  • Revocable Living Trust.  A revocable living trust is an estate planning tool where you place your property in the legal ownership of the trust during your lifetime and the trust’s assets are exempt from probate.

We are pleased to offer these services at a flat fee and also offer packages for improved cost effectiveness for our clients. However, please note that flat fees for the above services are not appropriate for all situations.  If your particular estate planning goals and circumstances involve estate taxes, or other complex legal issues, the costs to assist you will likely be billed hourly.

Peace of Mind, One Document at a Time

With our flat rates and bundled legal services, Montana Legal Advisors allows you to pick and choose which estate planning documents are vital to you and which documents you may need legal assistance with. In some cases, our clients may have a draft of a document and simply need a document review or a consultation with a legal professional.

Let our experienced team help plan your estate, we believe that having an estate plan is important. Contact our offices today at (406) 540-4172 to speak to a member of our team and to find out how we can help.